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Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a disorder of one or both the lungs usually caused by micro-organisms such as pneumococcus and mycoplasma. It may also be caused by exposure to radiation, such as X-rays, or by breathing in chemical fumes or powders.  Its affliction causes irritation in the sacs of the lungs. At this stage, the body pours …

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“About Immunity and Different Types of Immunity”

Immunity is described as the ability of the body to resist or to recover from the invasion of disease-causing microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoans) and larger parasites (helminths). Thus a person said to be immune to a particular disease would not contact it although others might do so. Microbes and parasites cause several diseases in man. …

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“Functions of Vitamins”-vitamins for children

Just as carbohydrates, Proteins, inorganic salts, fats, and water are the important parts of our food, vitamins are also necessary to keep the body in good health. Lack or deficiency of vitamins can cause many diseases and disorders like a loss in digestive power, weakening of eyesight, dryness of skin, tiredness, general weakness, beriberi, rickets, …

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