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What Is Air?

About the years 350 B.C, the Greek philosopher Aristotle thought that all things were made of four elements -earth, air, fire, and water. And this was believed for nearly 2000 years. In 1774 the English scientist Joseph Priestley discovered the gas oxygen, and three years later the French scientist Antoine Lavoisier proved that air was …

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What is anemia?

Anemia is a particular physical condition in which the amount of hemoglobin in the blood or the number of red blood cells in a person falls below the normal level. More specifically, it is a condition caused by the deficiency of iron in the blood. In fact, hemoglobin is a protein in the red cells …

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What happens at absolute zero?-about “absolute zero”

The temperature of a body is the measure of the heat of the body. It is measured with the help of thermometers. In ordinary thermometers, the lowest temperature is marked as 0°C. Today scientists can produce temperatures well below 0°C. The scale which is used to measure low temperature is called ‘Kelvin’ scale or absolute …

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